Bassam Lahoud Photography Workshops & Exhibition 2011

Bassam Lahoud Photography Workshops & Exhibition 2011

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13th Feb 2011 - 17th Feb 2011,
11:00 am-7:45 pm
UAE University – Al Ain

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A week-long series of workshops by  Bassam Lahoud, Lebanese American University Lecturer, Chair of the United Nations ‘ ESCWA Arts Council and President of the Lebanese House of Photography.

Bassam Lahoud will work with students from UAE University - Al Ain, to compose and create a series of original photographic artworks using the camera facility on mobile phones – an accessible and popular tool among the young generation.

This program which includes theory classes on photography techniques, a shooting session, and an exhibition, aims to increase students’ awareness of line, shape, color pattern and composition; to enable them to define, recognize, and show understanding of each of the five elements of art, merge current technology use with creative thinking and artistic expression.