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Unique collaboration between leading artists from across the Arab world All proceeds donated to “A Child, A Promise” to benefit the children of Palestine

 20100927 admaf event 01 20th Oct 2010


Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 2010: The Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation has announced that tickets for “SALAM YA QUDS”, the charity concert to support the children of Palestine, will be available from Wednesday 20 October at the Emirates Palace box office and can also be purchased online at www.timeouttickets,com.

Held under the Patronage of H.E. Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, this one-off concert presented in partnership with the international children’s charity “A Child, A Promise”, will be held at the Emirates Palace Auditorium on Thursday 28 October.  All ticket proceeds will be donated to “A Child, A Promise” to fund their outstanding arts, educational and cultural programmes in Palestine. 

The event will feature esteemed Arab artists from across the region, all of whom are committed to the Palestinian cause.  This exciting collaboration includes four much-admired female artists:

Macadi Nahhas, Aicha Redouane, Abir Nasaoui and Yolla Khalife, accompanied by well-known poet and TV personality Zahi Wehbe.  The artists have united for this evening of cultural entertainment to illustrate how the arts and music can help to create a brighter future for impoverished children.

Mrs. Hoda Al Khamis Kanoo, Founder of the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF), said:

“Children play fair, it is the world that doesn’t.  Through this evening of melodies and harmonies, we aim to raise awareness around the hardship faced by Palestinian children.  We are proud to present this unique concert that uses art to support underprivileged children in Jerusalem. We are delighted to be working once again with “A Child, A Promise” which makes a positive difference to the lives of these innocent souls. 

“Salam Ya Quds” is an example of how artists from different styles and backgrounds can unite for a single cause.  This event offers a wonderful and exciting cultural programme by some of the region’s most talented artists.  It will allow us all to free the child within and reach out through the music to make the world a better place.”

Tania Sfeir, Founder of “A Child, A Promise”, said:

“A Child A Promise (ACAP) is committed to building a firm foundation for the children of Palestine. The ground upon which they walk has been weakened by years of conflict. ACAP helps them to keep their dignity and pride strong. Founded upon the belief that these children have the right to education, as well as artistic and cultural expression, ACAP aims to give as many children as possible the opportunities that others may take for granted.  The proceeds from this concert will help us continue our mission and expand our reach.”

Aicha Redouane, acclaimed Arabic maqam singer, said:

“My wish is to convey the noble values of peace and excellence, harmony and tolerance, brotherhood and solidarity between all human beings.  This is why I am participating in “Salam Ya Quds”, dedicated to the most wonderful and delicate part of humanity that are our children.  All children in this world deserve unconditional love and absolute respect.

“”A Child, A Promise” are doing an admirable humanitarian job for the rights of the Palestinian children and we have naturally answered their plea for human solidarity.”

Macadi Nahas, Middle Eastern heritage singer, said:

“Events such as “Salam Ya Quds” helps to remind people about the situation in Palestine, especially the children that have the right to live a decent and happy life.  I believe that children symbolise everything nice and beautiful in this world and I am pleased to see funds being raised for their education and well-being.” 

Zahi Wehbe, celebrated poet and Palestinian supported, said:

“Just listen to the laughter of the children and you can already hear the joy, the love and the freedom of Palestine. “

Yolla Khalife, vocalist of Al Mayadine Ensemble, said:

“My heart dances with joy and love at the sight of a child, the thought of a child, or even the mention of one.  So my involvement is natural when it comes to homeless children who have lost their basic right to live, laugh and play. 

“A child who has lost his childhood as well as his beautiful innocence, is a child looking for a free and just life.  For this child, and for all Palestinian children, I come with joy and humility to this event. “

Abir Nasraou, Arabian singer, said:

“Salam Ya Quds” will encourage dialogue about the Palestinian cause and allow us to discover the other faces of the suffering of this nation. The children of Palestine need support to alight their spirits.  In this way they might be able to take over the torch and continue to fight the occupation.”

“Salam Ya Quds” is an all-seated concert with tickets available in two categories: Diamond at

AED 400 and Pearl at AED 200.  In addition to the box office at Emirates Palace, tickets are available from

This concert showcases ADMAF’s ongoing commitment to social and humanitarian causes through artistic and cultural expression.  The Foundation has been supporting A Child, A Promise for many years to generate awareness for Palestinian children, and raise funds for their education. Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation has an established annual programme dedicated to arts education, as it believes that art and culture play a vital role in nurturing the potential of the next generation.

 H.E. Hoda Ibrahim Al Khamis Kanoo

 Tania Sfeir with Palestinian children.

 H.E. Hoda Ibrahim Al Khamis Kanoo  Tania Sfeir with Palestinian children.