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Car model designed by ADMAF INNOVATOR students painted live by flying drones during annual two-day interactive event on Abu Dhabi Corniche

INNOVATOR 2016 6th Mar 2016

Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation unveils life-size 3D plywood car as part of INNOVATOR 2016 show

As part of the INNOVATOR 2016 show held on Abu Dhabi Corniche between 3–4 March, 19 students of the recent Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) INNOVATOR programme unveiled their final product: a life-size 3D  plywood car designed by Mohammed Al Hashimi, Emirati car designer.

Showcasing the 3D car as part of the two-day event, the students highlighted the innovative technology and cutting edge design techniques used to create the car. Demonstrating the connection between technology, innovation and art, the car was also painted live in front of the visitors by flying drones in an interactive environment, showcasing the everyday technologies of tomorrow.

The ADMAF INNOVATION programme was coordinated by serial entrepreneur Mohamed Amine Belarbi and brought together 19 students from universities across the UAE in workshops over a four-week period. During this period, students were mentored by experts working in the fields of logo design, drones design, 3D printing, creative design and virtual reality technologies, among others. The programme was conceived and delivered by ADMAF in association with the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee and TechShop.