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The Nationals' Gallery Anniversary 28th Nov 2011

ADMAF’s Nationals’ Gallery celebrates first anniversary of Emirati artist initiative

The Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) last night celebrated the one-year anniversary of its successful Nationals’ Gallery initiative  with a media reception followed by a closed-door roundtable  on the pricing of art in partnership with Sotheby’s specialist Lina Lazaar.The Nationals’ Gallery was launched during the week of Abu Dhabi Art and has since engaged with more than 50 Emirati artists from across the UAE ranging from photographers and painters to sculptors and mixed-media professionals. The initiative aims to empower established, emerging and upcoming artists with opportunities to accelerate their careers and enhance their talent. Key platforms include an online register of biographies, statements and works by Emirati artists that reflects the breadth of talent and the depth of artistic expression prevalent across the United Arab Emirates. The past 12 months has seen an explosion of activity for the Nationals’ Gallery that included the highly successful ‘Unconventional’ exhibition for Mubadala Al Mamoura; a tour of 'The Path of Roses' by the acclaimed Algerian artist Rachid Koraichi for Emirati artists during the 2011 Abu Dhabi Festival; the launch of The Nationals’ Gallery online; and the creation of the National s’ Gallery Bulletin, a regular newsletter highlighting events, workshops and exhibitions; and other initiatives. Speaking ahead of the roundtable  ADMAF Founder H.E. Hoda Al Khamis Kanoo highlighted the importance of  empowering local artists. “The Nationals’ Gallery provides more than logistical support to  local artists. Although we’re very active in creating exhibitions. We also help nourish talent through inspirational encounters with the  international arts sector. By supporting the nation’s visual art community, we also hope to encourage a whole new generation of artists to become cultural ambassadors both overseas and within the seven emirates thus empowering the arts profession and supporting career development. This week through the Nationals’ Gallery over 400 art and design students from Zayed University and the Higher Colleges of Technology have attended a series of lectures by American artist Christo and the British artist Aisha Caan. Another key feature of the Nationals’ Gallery  is an active grants scheme. Emirati artists may submit proposals in support of upcoming  exhibitions, training and further education. One such recipient is Abu Dhabi-based Jalal Luqman, anartist, curator and gallerist who received an ADMAF grant for the fourth edition of ‘ Jalal’s Art Trip’,  an initiative that brings together 10-15 amateur artists and takes them on a quest across the UAE in search of creative inspiration. Since its inception, Jalal’s Art Trip has visited Hatta, Margham, Jazirat Al Hamra and Sir Banyas Island. “The Nationals’ Gallery is a pioneering initiative that has attracted a loyal following of Emirati artists in the fields of visual and calligraphic arts thanks to what it has provided in terms of career development and incubating young talent under the umbrella of ADMAF. This is especially true with regards to their excellent online resources and regular NG Bulletin that ensures there is constant dialogue.” He added, “It’s also important to mention the vital role the NG plays in promoting Emirati art locally, regionally and internationally through opportunities to consult with artists globally.”
The Nationals’ Gallery is a cornerstone of ADMAF’s arts education remit by encouraging artists to undertake further education and training. Education also comes in the form of connecting artists with the right people who can help guide and influence an artist’s career one such talent is Nada Al Ameri whose career has been enhanced since joining the Gallery.
"Before joining Nationals’ Gallery, I faced many difficulties in getting my work into galleries and exhibitions largely because I lacked the experience and contacts. Since joining the ADMAF initiative I am much better informed about events that could enhance my career as an artist I also benefit hugely from consultations and encouragement from the ADMAF team and their partners".
To register and view NG artist profiles and work please visit: Natoinals' Gallery

Nationals’ Gallery Highlights

  • Launch of the Nationals’ Gallery with a panel discussion ‘Voices of Emirati Art’ attended by 75 people – November 2010
  • 25 Consultations with Emirati arts practitioners providing advice and information on career development.
  • The 'Unconventional' exhibition for Mubadala, main partner of the Abu Dhabi Festival
  • Tour of 'The Path of Roses' by Rachid Koraichi for Emirati artists during Abu Dhabi Festival 2011
  • Support of Jalal's Art Trip 2011 (May/June)
  • Support of Marsam Mattar's 'More Than Art' summer camp for x children (June/July)
  • Support of Karima Al Shomaly’s PhD studies in visual art
  • Support of Amna Al Fard & the first UAE Paper Quilling Exhibition in Umm Al Quwain
  • Support of student artistic practice through ADMAF's strategic partnerships  with Zayed University and the Higher Colleges of Technology
  • Assisted Abu Dhabi Airport Company with commissioning 3 artists for its F1 celebrations
  • Acquired artworks by Emirati artists for the ADMAF Art Collection
  • Launch of the Nationals’ Gallery Bulletin
  • Launch of the Nationals’ Gallery online