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Amal 24th Nov 2011

'Amal' – An Emirati Film Production

Reflecting its long-term commitment to support the UAE film sector, ADMAF Community has supported the production of a 60-minute film entitled ‘Amal’, written by Amal Howaija and Nujoom Alghanem who also directed. The filming took place in the UAE and tells the story of a middle-aged woman and her internal struggle with her life, theatre and art. Nujoom Alghanem is a prominent Emirati writer, who has published many books such as Indescribable, Angels of Distant Yearning and Heavy Night on the Night. She has also directed multiple films, such as Al Mureed (which also received an ADMAF grant) and Between Two Banks. Amal will be released later this year.
The movie will be premiered at DIFF 2011.
Watch the trailer.