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Eyal Zayed Theatre of Arts presents ‘The Bullet’ – a comedic tale of love, loss and resentment

The Bullet 26th Apr 2016

Emirati Theatre Company take centre-stage at the Abu Dhabi Festival

Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) in collaboration with Eyal Zayed Theatre of Arts yesterday presented The Bullet as part of Abu Dhabi Festival’s community & education programme. Taking place at the Al Jaheli Theatre in the Armed Forces Officers Club, the production is based on a story by the Egyptian playwright Tawfiq Al Hakim, adapted by Mohamed Refaat. It tells the story of a newly married couple, presumably in love until they face a gun-toting psychopath who insists on shooting one of them down. Faced with a life and death situation, love quickly turns to resentment as the couple eventually realises that they love themselves more than each other.


The performance formed part of the Abu Dhabi Festival’s ‘UAE Theatre Circle’ training programme – an intensive three-week course for a select group of young Emirati theatre-makers. At the end of the performance, ADMAF took the opportunity to thank the trainers Dr. Habib Ghuloom Al Attar, Merii Al Halyan, Alaa Al Nuaimi and Waleed Al Zaabi for their important contribution to the future of the UAE theatre sector.