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Christo at Zayed University 28th Nov 2011

Legendary artist Christo unveils his philosophy to students at Zayed University

The famed and often controversial French artist Christo delivered a fascination lecture to students at the Zayed university campus in Abu Dhabi yesterday.
Christo’s colossal works, usually involving the draping and obscuring of huge monuments, natural or man-made have appeared across the globe and his signature wrap style is instantly recognizable.  Over a period of five decades he has forged an international career alongside his late-wife and artistic collaborator Jeanne-Claude.
The 76-year old artist visited the UAE during Abu Dhabi Art fair and kindly lent his time to deliver a short series lectures to students at HCT and Zayed University under the auspices of the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation. In total, more than 400 local students had the opportunity of attending a rare lecture by man who, alongside Jeanne Claude, is already a part of history.
Christo’s relationship with the UAE dates back to the mid-1970s when he first visited Abu Dhabi with a vision  to build a huge pyramid in the desert outside of Liwa constructed from oil barrels. The project never got further than planning stages although the artists admits that his work can take decades to become reality.