Community Programmes

ADMAF believes that arts and culture play a vital role in society, one which is not only connected to its past but also to its future. Its year-round community program reaches out to the citizens and residents across the UAE, providing opportunities to the arts for everyone, regardless of their age, ability or location.
Through the creation of cross-cultural platforms and by supporting traditions of dance, music, and storytelling as well as more contemporary forms of expression, ADMAF seeks to empower the people of the UAE so that they are able to uphold their customs, preserve their traditions, and share their riches with the world.

  • Social Unity in partnership with community groups, ADMAF creates initiatives and events that bridge, divides and bring people together.

  • Cultural & Heritage Expression enables the people to understand and uphold the customs and traditions of the UAE.

  • Empowering the 7 Emirates creates opportunities for people to engage in cultural and artistic expression in all parts of the UAE.

  • Arts & Health advocates the positive impact of the arts on patient treatment, therapy and recovery to hospitals and medical practitioners, artists, and the general public.

  • Arts & Environment uses the arts to raise awareness and understanding around environmental issues and call the community to action.

  • The Ideas Hub provides platforms on which members of the community can share opinions and exchange ideas.