Education Programmes

ADMAF believes in investing in potential. It uses every art form to add value to the formal curricula of schools, colleges and universities. It creates opportunities that enable the nation’s young talent to realize their potential as tomorrow’s creative leaders.
Through a diverse range of projects from lectures, workshops, field trips, exhibitions, concerts, productions and other initiatives, students receive ‘hands on’ experience. This enhances not only their educational performance but also their life skills.

  • Talent Development The Talent Development Programme seeks to nurture artistic talent, self-confidence and an appetite for learning among children and young people and enable teachers and tutors to develop their skills.

  • Rewarding Excellence The Rewarding Excellence Programme seeks to celebrate outstanding creative achievements among students and recent graduates in a variety of art forms.

  • Special Needs The Special Needs Programme aims to provide a consistent series of arts activities that stimulate cognitive and physical development among children and young people with special needs. Alongside the student learning programme the project also offers professional development for teachers, tutors and primary carers.

  • Creative Leadership The ADMAF Education Creative Leadership programme enables young nationals to discover and pursue career development in the creative and cultural industries.

  • Treasuring Traditions enables children and young people to understand and uphold the customs and traditions of Arabic culture.

  • Enhancing Education uses all forms of the arts to build understanding and increase learning ability in key curriculum subjects such as maths, science, languages and literature.