Established & Emerging Artists

  • Abdul Aziz Al-Fadli

    Abdul Aziz Al-Fadli

    Artist - Calligrapher

    Short Bio: Abdul Aziz Mohammad Saeed Al-Fadli is an artist and calligrapher from Abu Dhabi. His works reflect an innovative combination of science and art, which ...

  • Abdul Qader Al Rais

    Abdul Qader Al Rais


    Short Bio: Abdul Qader Al Rais began his artistic career even before the UAE was officially formed. A pioneer, he remains at the forefront of the Gulf visual arts ...

  • Abdul Rahim Salem

    Abdul Rahim Salem


    Short Bio: From humble roots, Abdul Rahim Salem has become one of the UAE’s leading artists. Born in Dubai in 1955, he spent his childhood by the sea in Sharjah ...

  • Abdul Rauf Khalfan

    Abdul Rauf Khalfan


    Short Bio: From a very early age Abdul Rauf Khalfan felt the need to create and express himself. Having vastly changed his style over the years, Khalfan draws his ...

  • Ahmed Al Faresi

    Ahmed Al Faresi


    Short Bio: Ahmed Al Faresi is a self-taught, mixed-media artist based in Al Ain. His affair with art started in childhood and was interrupted for some time as he ...

  • Aisha Juma

    Aisha Juma


    Short bio: An established artist based in Dubai, Aisha graduated with a BFA from the Faculty of Fine Art in Cairo, majoring in Monumental Sculpture. She went on to ...

  • Ammar Al Attar

    Ammar Al Attar


    Short Bio: Ammar Al Attar lives and works in Ajman. He holds a Master’s in International Business from the University of Wollongong, and a Bachelor’s ...

  • Amer Aldour

    Amer Aldour


    Artist Bio: Amer Aldour studied architecture and engineering and worked in both fields before developing a depper interest in exploring the interface between technological ...

  • Amna Al Dabbagh

    Amna Al Dabbagh


    Short Bio: Amna Al Dabbagh is an artist and designer. She graduated from the American University in Dubai with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, majoring in Visual ...

  • Amna Al Fard

    Amna Al Fard

    Artist – Paper Quilling

    Short Bio: Amna Al Fard is a self-taught artist from Um Al Quwain whose fascination with paper is endless. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, ...

  • Al Anood Al Obaidly

    Al Anood Al Obaidly


    Short Bio: Al Anood Al Obaidly is a visual artist from Abu Dhabi and an alumna of Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation Emerging Artists Fellowship Programme. ...

  • Azza Al Qubaisi

    Azza Al Qubaisi

    Jewellery Artist & Sculpture – Social Entrepreneur & Educator – Product Designer

    Short Bio: Azza Al Qubaisi is a self-represented Emirati Artist living and working in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Educated in London, she studied at Chelsea College ...

  • Dana Al Mazroei

    Dana Al Mazroei


    Short Bio  Dana Al Mazrouei’s interest in art began at Latifa School for Girls, where she received a GCSE and AS Level in Art and later went on to graduate ...

  • Ebtisam Abdul Aziz

    Ebtisam Abdul Aziz

    Artist - Writer - Curator

    Short Bio: Ebtisam Abdul-Aziz is a multidisciplinary artist and writer from and based in the UAE. Reflecting her Bachelor's Degree in Science and Mathematics, Abdul-Aziz ...

  • Faisal Abdulqader

    Faisal Abdulqader


    Short Bio: Faisal Abdulqader is a self-taught artist from the United Arab Emirates. He developed an interest in art as a child and nurtured this interest by reading ...

  • Jamal Habroush Al Suwaidi

    Jamal Habroush Al Suwaidi


    Short Bio: Jamal Habroush Al Suwaidi’s artistic journey started at a young age, participating in art competitions. After graduating from high school, he went ...

  • Faiza Mubarak

    Faiza Mubarak


    Short Bio: Faiza Mubarak has a Master’s degree from Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi in Art History and Museums Studies. A self-taught artist, she seeks ...

  • Farah Al-Fardh

    Farah Al-Fardh

    Artist – Paper Quilling

    Short Bio: Umm Al Quwain based Farah Al-Fardh is gifted in the unique art of Paper Quilling. Her passion at an early age for paper-based arts and crafts grew while ...

  • Farah Al Qasimi

    Farah Al Qasimi


    Short Bio: Farah Al Qasimi was born in 1991 in Abu Dhabi. She is a recent graduate of Yale University, where she began studying contemporary music and composition ...

  • Farid Mohammed Al Rais

    Farid Mohammed Al Rais


    Short Bio: Farid Mohammed Al Rais was born in Dubai in 1984. He loved sketching from a very young age, relying on research and practice to improve his skills.A computing ...

  • Fatema Al Mazrouie

    Fatema Al Mazrouie


    Short Bio: Just a year after graduating with a BA in visual art and design from Zayed University, Fatema Al Mazrouie exhibited her work in ‘Emirati Expressions ...

  • Fatima Al Budoor

    Fatima Al Budoor


    Short Bio: Born in Dubai, Fatima is a UAE national who has lived and studied in Dubai, Boston, London and Dublin. She received a BFA in Studio Art from Northeastern ...

  • Fatma Lootah

    Fatma Lootah


    Short Bio: Fatma Lootah studied art at the Baghdad Art Academy, Iraq, and the American University, Washington DC, USA. She has lived and worked in Verona, Italy, ...

  • Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi

    Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi

    Artist - Digital Artist - Photographer - Educator

    Short Bio: Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi was born in Al Ain in 1981. He is a self-taught photographer, graphic designer and writer. Since he was a young child, he has been ...

  • Jalal Luqman

    Jalal Luqman

    Digital Artist - Sculptor

    Short Bio: 'Aggressive', 'dark' and often 'blunt' are the words that best describe the work of Emirati mixed media artist Jalal Luqman. His works border between the ...

  • Karima Al Shomaly

    Karima Al Shomaly

    Artist - Academic

    Short Bio: Karima Al-Shomaly was born in Sharjah, where she lives and works today. Al-Shomaly studied Economics and Accounting at UAE University and then Fine Arts ...

  • Khawla Darwish

    Khawla Darwish


    Short Bio: Khawla Darwish graduated from Zayed University (Dubai), College of Art and Design. She also received a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Kindergarten ...

  • Khalid Al Banna

    Khalid Al Banna


    Short Bio: With an outlook shaped by his academic foundation in architectural engineering, Khalid Al Banna’s mixed media works are informed by an astute sense ...

  • Khalid Mezaina

    Khalid Mezaina


    Short Bio: Khalid Mezaina entered the art world via graphic design, working in visual communications for UAE-based arts organisations, including the Sharjah Art ...

  • Khalid Shafar

    Khalid Shafar


    Short Bio: Khalid Shafar was born in Dubai. As a business graduate of the American University in Dubai, Khalid worked in marketing and communications for almost seven ...

  • Khalil Abdul Wahid

    Khalil Abdul Wahid


    Short Bio: Khalil Abdul Wahid’s artistic career began under the tutelage of Hassan Sharif, in Al Marsam Al Hur (the atelier Sharif set up in the 1980s). Abdul ...

  • Lamya Gargash

    Lamya Gargash

    Artist - Photographer - Filmmaker

    Short Bio: Throughout her career, Lamya Gargash has won a number of awards for her work in film and photography. In 2004, Gargash received first prize in the Emirates ...

  • Layla Juma

    Layla Juma


    Short Bio: Layla Juma employs repetitive, geometric shapes to create rhythmic sequences and forms in her cross-disciplinary work. These are created to conceptually ...

  • Mattar Bin Lahej

    Mattar Bin Lahej

    Artist - Sculptor - Photographer - Gallerist

    Short Bio: Mattar Bin Lahej was born in 1968 in Dubai, and is a self-taught artist. His passion for painting helped him persevere and foster his talent through continuous ...

  • Mohamed Mazrouei

    Mohamed Mazrouei

    Artist - Photographer - Writer

    Short bio: Al Mazrouei spent the first half of his life in Egypt before moving to Abu Dhabi where he worked for the Cultural Foundation for many years. This duality ...

  • Mohammed Al Astad

    Mohammed Al Astad


    Short Bio: Mohammed Al Astad seizes upon core functional elements that form the fabric of traditional Emirati society. By re-appropriating them as objects of aesthetic ...

  • Mohammed Kazem

    Mohammed Kazem


    Short Bio: Mohammed Kazem has developed an artistic practice that encompasses video, photography and performance to find new ways of understanding his environment ...

  • Mohammed Mandi

    Mohammed Mandi


    Short Bio: For Mohammed Mandi, calligraphy was a life choice. As soon as he picked up the reed and began to practice the scripts, he saw such beauty in the words ...

  • Nabeel Al Mehairbi

    Nabeel Al Mehairbi


    Short Bio: Nabeel is a UAE national artist who spent his formative years being inspired by the natural landscape of the English countryside. His love of nature has ...

  • Najat Makki

    Najat Makki


    Short Bio: From the sounds of the sea, the rhythm of people, the colours of the Gulf and the mystery of the abaya, Najat Makki – for as long as she can remember ...

  • Nassra Al Bunainain

    Nassra Al Bunainain


    Short Bio: Born in Abu Dhabi, Nassra Al Bunainain’s fascination with art manifests itself in painting and graphic design. Her work is a dialogue between opposites ...

  • Noor Al Suwaidi

    Noor Al Suwaidi

    Artist – Curator

    Short Bio:  Noor Al Suwaidi’s work can be best described as a kaleidoscopic trip into colourful canvases and variegated works on paper, all oscillating ...

  • Obaid Suroor

    Obaid Suroor


    Short Bio: Obaid Suroor received a BA in fine arts from Cairo University in 1979. Upon graduation, he returned to his native Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and has dedicated ...

  • Noora Ramah

    Noora Ramah


    Short Bio: Noora Ramah was born and raised in Abu Dhabi and holds a BA in Visual Art from Zayed University. Her artistic practice spans a variety of areas such as ...

  • Reem Falaknaz

    Reem Falaknaz


    Short Bio: Reem Falaknaz is a photographer from the United Arab Emirates. The nature of her job allows her to travel around the country, where she records and collects ...

  • Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

    Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

    Digital Artist - Curator

    Short Bio: Hailed as the first female Emirati digital artist, Sumayyah Al Suwaidi's creative passion drives her to manipulate seemingly normal and boring photographs ...

  • Salama Al Mazrouei

    Salama Al Mazrouei


    Short Bio: A graduate of UAE University, school of Fine Arts, Ms. Mazrouei is also a member of Emirates Fine Art Society. Her career background has been diverse though ...

  • Saoud Al Dhaheri

    Saoud Al Dhaheri


    Short bio: Saoud Saeed Al Dhahri was born in Al Ain in 1987. Growing up, he discovered he had an instinctive affinity for photography, which allowed him to further ...

  • Saeed Khalifa

    Saeed Khalifa


    Short Bio: Born in 1989, Saeed Khalifa is a self-taught visual artist who lives and works in Dubai. He mainly works with digital photography, but lately he is approaching ...

  • Wafa Khazendar

    Wafa Khazendar

    Artist - Writer

    Short Bio: Wafa Khazendar is a writer and artist, born in 1963. Her exceptional passions for reading, drawing and writing at the early age of seven, created great ...

  • Yousif Al Harmoudi

    Yousif Al Harmoudi


    Short bio: Photographer Yousif Amin Mohammed Al Harmoudi was born in July 1983. He became interested in photography when he was only 12 years old using older model ...

  • Sarah Al Agroobi

    Sarah Al Agroobi


    Short Bio: Via her multi-disciplinary practice, Sarah Al Agroobi explores notions of Emirati stereotypes within both Middle Eastern and Western contexts. There ...

  • Salama Nasib

    Salama Nasib


    Short Bio: A printmaker and emerging Emirati artist, Salama Nasib pushes the boundaries of technique. She uses new approaches to articulate the ongoing dialogue ...

  • Zeinab Al Hashemi

    Zeinab Al Hashemi


    Short Bio: Zeinab Al Hashemi was born and is based in Dubai. She refers to her work as "Construction Design Art" and specialises in site-specific installations and ...

  • Saeed Mohammad Al Madani

    Saeed Mohammad Al Madani


    Short Bio: Saeed AlMadani is an Emirati mixed media artist based in London. Combining hand-made and mechanical processes, his works explore notions of identity, place ...

  • Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza’ Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

    Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza’ Bin Zayed Al Nahyan


    Short Bio: Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza’ Bin Zayed Al Nahyan is an ambassador of cultural development in the UAE. An avid art enthusiast, practitioner, collector ...