Upcoming Artists

  • Afra Al Hamed

    Afra Al Hamed


    Short Bio: Afra Al Hamed is a conceptual artist and interior designer with a MA in Art History and Museum Studies from Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. She creates ...

  • Mohamed Aljneibi

    Mohamed Aljneibi


    Artist Bio: An artist and archivist, Mohamed Al Jneibi has had a varied professional and academic career, as befits the broad curiosity his practice demonstrates. ...

  • Alia Bin Omair

    Alia Bin Omair


    Short Bio: Alia Bin Omair is an Emirati jewellery artist born and raised in Dubai. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Communications from Dubai Women’s ...

  • Amal Al Ali

    Amal Al Ali


    Short Bio: Amal Al Ali graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi in 2015 with a degree in Visual Arts. She explores personal issues that are born from her environment. ...

  • Amira Al Awadhi

    Amira Al Awadhi


    Short Bio: Amira Al Awadhi was born in Dubai and currently lives in Sharjah. Through her analogue photography, she deals with personal insecurities, social judgement ...

  • Amna Al Maamari

    Amna Al Maamari


    Short Bio: Amna Al Maamari was born in Abu Dhabi. She is a BA in Visual Arts graduate from the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Zayed University. Amna ...

  • Arwa Al Salami

    Arwa Al Salami


    Short Bio: Arwa Al Salami is an Emirati artist currently living and studying in Sharjah. She explores various mediums to convey their thoughts and feelings, such ...

  • Ayesha Hadhir

    Ayesha Hadhir


    Short Bio: Since the age of 15, Ayesha Hadhir has been designing and creating clothes. Through textiles, she gradually discovered her creative ambition. Currently ...

  • Badria Al Maazmi

    Badria Al Maazmi


    Short Bio: Badria Al Maazmi is inspired by inner emotion provoked by world news; the lack of humanity, suffering and often the unspoken happiness and joy. Her work ...

  • Dhabiya Al Romaithi

    Dhabiya Al Romaithi


    Short Bio: Dhabiya Al Romaithi was born in Al Ain City and lives in Abu Dhabi. Her interest in art started at an early age. She used to draw on the walls at her house ...